Jun 8, 2011

Tote bags anyone?

tote bags

I'm making some tote bags with my Bow Peep logo on them and I thought it would be good idea to find some great designs, patterns, quotes or sayings that would work well on tote bags to sell them from my online store.

So here is the plan… I would love it if readers of this blog could submit ideas or designs for a bag, the coolest ones will then get made and sold on my online store. What's in it for you? You will get a tote bag with your design on it and a percentage of the royalties from the sale of your bag!

You don’t need to be a graphic designer or anything fancy like that, you just need a good idea.

some inspiration…




       image image

            image  image

Some tips: Keep the designs simple, its going to be screen printed so simpler is better, the design needs to be yours so the copy right police don’t come after me and if it’s a quote we need to find its origin so who ever said it can get some recognition.

Images from: Outblush, Babbles, gingibersnap, We Love Indie, We Heart It, Lushlee, Wasted Heroes, Geek Sugar


  1. I'll def do this :) When do you need designs by? xx

  2. Awesome! I dont have a 'cut off date' for the project but if you could send me the design within the next month that would be great. I would love it if it was an ongoing thing.

  3. I'm really keen. Would be nice to do some playful design on the side :) xx

  4. Hi! Very excited about this. Where can I send my design?

  5. Im looking forward to seeing your design! You can send it to leila@shopbowpeep.co.za