Jun 3, 2011

What they don’t teach you at UCT

I was just checking out the I Heart Market blog (the I Heart Market is a super cool crafty/handmade market in Durban which I have been dying to go to but its all the way in Durban…sad face…) and found this blog post about this book called The Hand Made Marketplace. It sounds like a book I need as it’s a ‘textbook’ for people like me who are starting businesses selling hand made stuff.

I'm sure it would be more helpful than my politics and into to finance  text books from varsity which are just collecting dust(sorry mom)


You can get the book from Amazon (which does ship to SA). 

On the subject of the I heart Market, its happening in Durban tomorrow, so if you are in Durbs go check it out for me.


images from the I Heart Market blog.

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  1. Thanks for reblogging. I think you need to come and visit us here in Durbs. x