Jul 19, 2011

new ribbon 'things'

My sister gave me the idea for these ribbon 'things' a while ago and I finally got around to making some yesterday. Not sure if I should turn them into brooches or put them on Alice-bands but I think they could look cool sewn onto a t-shirt or cardigan. 
Let me know what you think I should turn them into and also they need a new name, ribbon 'things' wont pull in sales. 


  1. i would love to see them sewn onto the stitching of a round or vneck t-shirt :)

  2. Good Idea Chris, and they are small so it could work. I also used a sewing machine to make them so they wont unravel in the wash.

  3. Here in Korea it is all the rage to wear alice bands with those sorts of things on them. They actually look kinda sweet! Maybe you could sell them to young girls.
    Maybe if they are big enough you could attatch them to those fabric typpe belts that you get that you wear around your waist. It could work...maybe!