Oct 26, 2011


On Wednesday I spent the day wandering around Kamersvol Vol Geskenke. I spent most of the day walking around owwing and pointing at all the amazing things that were on sale. The thing that striked me the most was the effort that all the stall holders had gone to, all the stalls were very well thought out and styled. People must have spent ages working on their stalls.

I first tent I went into was a well curated tent of lovely things made by very talented people. You could brouse around and pick that wanted and then you pay before you leave the tent.

The other tents were all 'concept' stalls, with each designer manning their own space. It was lovely to see how people had created little shops in their spaces, even the little stalls are really well thought out.
Some of my hilights:
Anomali had the best jewellery stand, with their amazing silver jewellery.
It was great to see Love Lolla's huge stand with her entire collection of lovely things. Lolla really went all out.
Essie Letterpress had a lovely little stand.
The Farmer's Daughter had a cool little old school kombie and showcased a collaboration between Die Spens and tjou-tjou.
More highlights to follow!