Nov 10, 2011

paper straws

On Monday morning I went to get some supplies from Merrypak. The thing about the shop is that they stock the most awesome crafty things and any size box you want but you always end up walking out with loads of stuff you don't need or have no use for.
Monday was no exception. I walked out the shop with five packets of candy striped paper straws. I have seen them on overseas craft blogs and thought they were cool so I almost jumped when I found them at Merrypak. I will let you know what I end up doing with them. 
 (My pictures make the colours look very dull but they are much brighter.)


  1. Ooooh Merrypak has straws like this!? I am getting there asap to get some! Lets hope the Durban branch has the same stock! :)

  2. Have fun at Merrypak! Let me know if you find them!

  3. Im looking for these straws, where can I find them in Durban? Where is the MErrypak branch in Durban?

    1. Try this website. Good luck!