Jan 24, 2012

Fairlady: Bloggirl's Guide

 A huge thank you to Fairlady for featuring me in the new edition (Feb 2012). I was so taken aback when I got the email asking me to answer some questions about the blog and myself. Firstly I was like...what people read my blog (!?) and then it took me ages to come up with my 10 favorite things, I had to edit down the list from about 20 things, I got a bit carried away.

 Thanks again to Fairlady for the support and thank you to Christine Watters for the use of two of her photographs. 
So I guess you all know what I look like now (most un-photogenic person ever! That photo took ages to take and I still look like I have a black eye). 

And just for the record, I mentioned that Woolworths nartjie yogurt was one of my guilty pleasures. After confessing my love for the stuff they have gone and  discontinued it, so if anyone wants to campaign with me let me know.


  1. Congrats on the feature!! So great to find other South African blogs!!:) Xx

  2. Proud of you! You are doing exceptionally well :-)