Jan 30, 2012

new necklace bags

If you have ever bought a necklace from me you will know it comes in one of those little organza bags. They were the only little bags which I could find for the necklaces but I really really hate them, they were bugging me and I couldn't find any small cotton drawstring bags. So I decided to make my own using scraps of fabric I had lying around. 

So no more organza! Hello cute little pouches! If anyone knows where to find little cotton bags please let me know.


  1. those look fantastic. what do you use to stamp your name on (can I pry into your trade secrets, huh?)

    1. Hi, thanks! Yeah I got a stamp made. It was a bit of a mission to stamp the fabric as the ink took ages to dry, in the end I used fabric paint. I think I will get some fabric screen printed in the future.

  2. OH WOW! How lovely!

    Will let you know what I find, I am also looking out for little cotton bags.