Apr 16, 2012


Sweet & Soutie, is a  creative women's collaborative (which I am part of). Last year we got together and created the Bunny Corpse Project. We all contributed towards the bunnies, some of us gave fabric, some sewed the bunnies, embellished them, knitted them, gave them eyes, tails, ears, etc. They were passed from person to person and we all contributed to at least one of the bunnies. Each bunny has a name and a story and they come with a book of life which tells you a little bit about them.

The bunnies are going to be auctioned at Haas on Saturday 5 May and all money raised on the day will go towards the Peninsula Child Services (Skiereiland Maatskaplike Werke) for purchasing essentials for abused babies and kids in Elsies River.

RSVP before 1 May 2012 to: info@haascollective.com

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