Apr 23, 2012

Tote Bag Collaboration

Im starting something called the Bow Peep Tote Bag Collaboration 
(suggestions of a better name are welcome).

I am looking for graphic designers, artists, illustrators, wana-be-artists etc to create designs which will then go on tote bags. 
Michelle Barron was the first designer to have her work showcased on the tote bags.

 Whats in it for you?
You will be paid for your design and I will send you a tote bag. Each bag will be sold with a swing tag with your name and website details on it (if you have a website). I will also give you exposure threw this blog, the Bow Peep monthly newsletter and the Bow Peep Facebook page. The bags will be sold via the online store, markets which I have stalls at and at Cloak & Dagger. My aim is to give you as much exposure as I can. 

If you are interested in coming up with a design please email me (leila@shopbowpeep.co.za) and ask for the design brief. The deadline is the 18 May.

The chosen designs will be screen printed onto the bags. This is going to be an ongoing project so if you don't think you will make this deadline then don't worry you can send in designs on an ongoing basis. 

Just some things to remember when thinking about your design. 
  • Bow Peep customers are predominantly female but the last tote bags which were made sold mostly to guys, so think about designs that would appeal to guys and girls. 
  • The design needs to be in one colour. 
  • It needs to be eye catching, very detailed designs don't translate well onto bags.
  • My customers are between the ages of 16 to 35 (the ones who buy tote bags).


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