May 10, 2012

DIY Hex Nut Bracelet

I have had this DIY tutorial by Honestly...WTF saved for ages and I haven't had the courage to make it till I saw someone wearing a Hex Nut Bracelet at a market the other day. Well its definitely not going to be a new Bow Peep product because it took about four hours to make and its not very neat. Even if I got it looking better I would charge a fortune just because it takes so long to make.
If you want to try making one yourself the instructions can be found here.
images from Honestly...WTF

My version
I think after some practice it could be much neater but I don't think I have the time or patience to get it looking as neat as theirs. 
Let me know if you try making it!


  1. That is awesome! Love your version! It probably takes a lot of practice and various nut sizes before you get it right ("That's what she. . . nevermind")

    I am so gonna try this! Will send you a pic if I ever actually get around to it.

    1. hahah! I used the smallest size I could find. The hardware shop in the Garden Center was the best place. Builders Warehouse was useless.

  2. haha this is amazing!!! I really don't have the patience to create something like this... LOL

  3. I've seen these before and they look so pretty. Really want to try make one.