May 15, 2012

vintage brooch bouquet

A while ago I posted two sneak peak pictures of a special order I was commissioned to make. This evening I was sent some beautiful pictures from the wedding. 
Towards the end of last year I was asked to make a vintage brooch bouquet for a wedding. I spent a few mornings at the Milnerton Market negotiation with the traders on getting good prices on brooches as I needed a lot of brooches and I discovered that finding nice vintage brooches that fitted into a colour scheme was quite a task. 

I was so relived when I sent the bride a picture when it was almost complete just to check if she liked the way it was looking and she responded by saying that she loved it and I shouldn't change anything. I am so happy that she loved the bouquet, I saw a picture of her at the wedding and she looked beautiful!

All images by I DO Photography.


  1. This is really beautiful. I love this!

  2. Thanks guys! It was really fun to make.

  3. Unbelieveable! Leila that is so beautiful!