Jul 3, 2012

Typo in SA

I have blogged about Typo before when Cotton On (who owns Typo) opened in South Africa, now they have opened a dedicated Typo shop in Canal Walk. A blog reader told me last week that they had opened and I went the very next day. I have a bit of an obsession about stationery, its been my dream since I was little to open my own stationery shop. I spent about an hour in Typo last week and landed up going back on Sunday, its that cool.
The  Typo shop in Canal Walk is the first on in South Africa and they are opening another one in Cavendish Square soon. 
 I took some pictures of what I had to take home with me, I know I will be back...
I will show you what I did with the wrapping paper soon. The little Babushka doll is a not holder, I think it was the cutest thing in the shop.

These are some of the cool things from their website.
Images in the above collage from Typo.


  1. I agree, I love their goodies! Can't wait to go visit the Canal Walk store.

    1. Enjoy, I spent ages trying to decide what to buy.

  2. It's about time SA got some cool stationery shops! I'll definitely be popping in! x