Aug 23, 2012

Custom Cuff Links

I am expanding my range of guys products to include cuff links. People have been asking for them for ages and its been a mission to find the cuff link findings (the things that go at the back) but I finally managed to get my hands on some. I just collected them from the post office and got an email from a client asking if I made cuff links as she wanted some for the groomsmen for her wedding. This is the result...

These are a little bigger than the ones I am going to be making but its what suited the fabric my client had chosen. You will have to wait a bit till the cuff links go on sale, I am only going to start selling them at Kamers in October.


  1. Very pretty! Love tha packaging also :)

  2. Such a great present idea, I love them!

  3. Thanks guys. I still need to find a better packaging solution. Those boxes were a little big.