Aug 14, 2012

Oppikoppi 2012

I spent last week on a little work trip to Joberg (more about that in another post) which gave me the perfect excuse to trek up to Oppikoppi on Thursday...Ok well Oppi was planned long before the work trip. I left super early on Thursday morning and met up with friends who had arrived on Wednesday evening to stake out a good camping spot. They tried to get the same camping spot as last year but we landed up camping in what looked like a world war 1 battlefield. 

Some of my music highlights were Jeremy Loops, Black Cat Bones, 340ml, Kongos, and Southern Gypsey Queen. I also really enjoyed the Enter Shikari set even though I usually don't like there kind of music. Most night ended at the The Red Bull stage was really fun, its a miracle I didn't bail down the hill. I missed a few bands I wanted to see but there is just so much going on its impossible to see everyone. 

By the end of the weekend my feet where killing me, I had lost my voice, lost my camera (for an hour and some kind person handed it in), lost my torch, froze my butt off, turned a few shades darker and lost my friends about a hundred times but its all part of the Oppi experience and I can guarantee I will be back next year.

(our world war one campsite, the picture does not do it justice)

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  1. Nice and's great! ;-)