Dec 3, 2012

Last day for online orders: 14th December

The online store is closing from Friday the 14th of December till the 7th of January. I'm off to New York and as its just me running Bow Peep I'm closing the online store.

I haven't had a proper holiday since graduating university in 2009 (and unemployment doesn't count..) when I went to Turkey so I think its a very well deserved holiday. I was thinking about it today and I only took one or two days 'leave' this year and it was probably sick leave and I work most weekends so I'm really taking some time off and not doing any work.

The 14th of December is also the last day the post office can guarentee that your parcel will arrive before Christmas. But for R10 more you can choose to have your parcel couried to you, no waiting in lines, no grumpy post office empoyess, no looking for parking etc. 
I have stock of everything that is on the online store so once you place an order it is posted within one to two days depending on what time you place the order. 

If you are in Cape Town and prefer to buy directly from me, come to one of the markets during December. I update the 'event' tab and the Bow Peep facebook page with all the upcoming markets.

Otherwise visit one of the fantastic shops that stock Bow Peep. If you are looking for a specific product, give them a call before to check if they stock it as not all the shops stock all the products.

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