Jan 8, 2013

New York Window Displays

I was completely overwhelmed by most of the shops in New York, just walking down 5th or Madison Avenue was an experience. The Christmas window displays where amazing. The amount of effort the visual merchandisers go threw is mind blowing. The department stores even play music outside the shops to add to the displays. I spent a lot of the time pointing like all the other tourists, going "oow look at that" and "wow it moves!"  I didn't even bother to take out my camera half of the time. But these are some pictures I did manage to take. 

 The shoes and bags in the window where all made out of what looked like cake!

 The following are from Anthropology at the Rockefeller Center. I wish I had taken some pictures from their home section which was even better than their window display.

A bow tie display at Macy's 
J Crew Christmas tree 
 A little jewellery shop in Brooklyn

Every shop was amazingly merchandised, it didn't matter if it was a cheap clothing store, everything was beautifully displayed. Some of the very expensive department stores where absolutely amazing, their jewellery sections looked like museums.
Being a visual merchandiser is probably one of my dream jobs and after going to New York I was completely inspired. I also now have a better idea of how I want my shop to look one day. And don't get me started on American service, its impeccable. Evey shop assistant greats you, and helps you find what you are looking for. I wish we had service like that in South Africa. We are lucky to get a thank you when you pay for something.

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