Feb 18, 2013

Hello new website

I started Bow Peep some time at the beginning of 2011, it just kind of happened, I had started messing around with making Alice-bands in 2010 but I only came up with the name in March 2011. I then created the blog and the online store followed after that. I did it all myself and it showed. At the beginning of 2012 I had a big rebrand but I still didn't have a proper website. So finally at the end of last year I started working with the team at Patternbook to get a website up and running.

I needed something to fill the gap between the online store and the blog, and I am super happy with the design they came up with! It represents exactly what Bow Peep is about. 
They also revamped the online store and this blog so that they have the same feel as the home page. 

Thanks Jenna and Trevor, you two are starts!
The new website

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