Jun 15, 2011

I found Washi tape and it wasn’t online

I trekked to Canal Walk in search of a circle cutter punch thing (no luck) but I found Japanese Washi tape at Cape Arts and Crafts. It’s the only washi tape I have found in South Africa. Turns out, scrapbooking shops sell some cool stuff. Yay! And they were R35 a role.




  1. i got my circle cutter at merrypak :) xxx

  2. I went to Merrypak before Canal Walk, lol they were sold out of the one I wanted:-( Love Merrypak!

  3. Oh no! I'm sure they'll get more in tho :) I must e-mail you to talk about tote stuff, very keen! Did Cape Arts have lots of washi designs? xx

  4. yes please do! I'm excited to see some tote designs! They had about 5 designs but the other colours were a bit boring. Keep a look out on this blog, I'm going to start importing some washi tape.