Jul 14, 2011

Bling ribbon

I haven't had a very productive week so this morning I decided to price some fabric hoops at Fabric City and find some fabric to make a cover for my new MacBook Pro (yes I did just casually drop that in) but I walked out with more than I expected (as usual).

I found this very kitch glitter ribbon which was a little 'expensive' at R5 a meter but I got half a meter of each colour to pay around with as it could be a bling addition to some Christmas stuff I need to start making for the end of the year. 

But the other day I saw a tutorial on Pugly Pixie on how to make glitter 'washi inspired' tape and thought the glitter ribbon could work well instead of loose glitter. 
Stick the side without the glitter on some double sided tape and stick the other side to what ever you want and bam, you have glitter tape! 

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