Jul 14, 2011

DIY bakers twine

I am still on the hunt for Bakers Twine (which doesn't cost R5 a meter) but in the meantime I found these cool tutorials (click here and here for links) showing how to make it yourself! And for a small business owner like me cheaper is better! I only saw the tutorial by Persia Lou after getting home from the fabric shop, it looks like a neater option so will try it out one day.

The permanent market was about R1 from a Chinese shop and I used some crochet string (probably not the correct term, sorry) which was not expensive at all.  
Its super easy to make and cheaper than ordering bakers twine from the USA. The tutorials that I looked at made theirs much neater than mine but I think it takes some practice to get it neat.


  1. Hi
    Try In Good Company for bakers twine. Various pretty colours available. Here's the link (red and white): http://www.ingoodcompany.co.za/shop/goodies?page=shop.product_details&flypage=ilvm_fly_easy_shopping_black.tpl&product_id=1804&category_id=7&keyword=bakers+twine

  2. Thanks for the link! I have looked at their stock before but its quite expensive:-(

  3. Hi, me again
    220m per spool for R120 = 55c per meter

  4. I got some last year and it has lasted me so long...so even if expensive...there are soooo many metres on there. Used it a lot for crafts etc...and still got loads left.

  5. very true, it doesn't work out very expensive if you just want to use if for your own crafts but I would love to use it for packaging my products so I was looking for it in bulk. I would also like to repackage and sell Bakers Twine. But I think I will get a spool for myself