Jul 13, 2011

Packaging evolution

Bow Peep has been going since early 2011 and during this short time I have redesigned almost all of my packaging. My brooch packaging has changed three times now and I’m sure its not the last time I will give it a make over. I guess its all part of learning how to run a business.
brooch packaging:
Packaging 1 was printed on brown paper which I thought was too dark and boring. I then tried the packet thing which I looked professional but took ages to package and I thought the brooches lost their tactile quality so now its no.3! I got a stamp made with my logo and URL so I don’t have to get it printed.
earring packaging:
earring packaging
The new look:


  1. I want to get a personalised stamp for my clothing parcels :) That looks great leila!

  2. I got it made at a shop on Long Street, its not too expensive if you ask for just the stamp die, if they mount if for you on a piece of wood it much more expensive.

  3. LOVE the new look. It works well for your brand. I also had a stamp made with my logo - so much easier and saves you cash :)
    Well done! x

  4. Stamps are the best! When I get the chance I want to make more:-)