Sep 13, 2011

Bijou market

On Saturday evening I popped into the Bijou night market on Lower Main Road in Observatory. Fashion and accessories designer, Michele Aveling offered to sell some of my products at the market along with some of her cute bags and a selection of Love Lola products. 

I drive passed the Bijou, which is an old movie theater  (or biscope as my dad would call it) all the time and I have never been in. Its a great old building which is now used as a studio for some artists. The market was in a large double height room which had some huge old machines in it which gave the room a surreal feeling. I didn't stay for too long as I had plans for the evening and decided to take advantage of a work free weekend but the vibe was very cool and they had a band playing when I left and I think a DJ was playing later in the evening.

I hope the market becomes a regular even, Obz needs a market like this as the Holistic Lifestyle Market isn't really my thing...I don't get the fascination with crystals.

Some images of the stall

Some images of the rest of the market

paper cutouts and paper flowers: Simple Intrigue
laptop bags and purses : Civvies Day
If anyone knows who made the awesome Observatory t-shirts please let me know so I can credit them.


  1. I love how you did up that case! Mind if I copy you? ;)

  2. Go ahead! I had to change it a little as the string didn't want to stay put. I replaced the string with ribbon which I stapled down.