Sep 15, 2011

Donations welcome

Every Friday I get the Vamp weekly newsletter with all their new stock. Vamp is the coolest furniture shop in Cape Town. My pride and joy is a chest of draws from them which I got last year.

Last Friday I almost had a hart attack (sorry about the exaggeration but I was very excited) when I saw this haberdashery counter for sale at Vamp. I have always loved the old haberdashery counters, some shops in Cape Town still have them and one day I would love to have one in my shop (which will come one day...). In the meantime I don't have anywhere to put it but I would make space, who needs a couch when you have this amazing piece of furniture? I think they are very beautiful and it reminds me of something my grandfather would have had in his shop back in the day.

I don't have the money for it but I am willing to take donations...anyone want to sponsor me? You would be guaranteed that I would give it a good home. In the meantime please buy loads of my things so that I can start saving for my haberdashery counter!


  1. I just saw on the Vamp Facebook page that its been sold...ow well it wasn't meant to be. I hope it found a good home.