Sep 27, 2011

Pictures from the 3rd City Bowl Fashion Market

Sorry these pics are a bit late but I have been recovering from a weekend of markets. The 3rd City Bowl Fashion Market was my best market ever, even though half of Cape Town as at Earth Dance and their was apparently some big World Cup rugby match on. Its great to see some of the market regulars who have been to all the City Bowl Fashion Markets so far. You guys rock! Its always nice to see people wearing things they got from previous markets. I love how some people hang out at the market for hours!

The market is becoming the highlight of my month as I get to see all my fellow market traders. When you work alone they become your 'work' friends. We all swop market tips, chat about upcoming markets, shops to avoid and other random market gossip.

From right to left: My stand at the market, Babette Clothing, Dear Dorathy, Love Lola, my new necklaces, Vintage Lover, Bhaa Bhaa (sorry not sure how to spell the name of the brand that makes the cute button accessories but please send me a link if anyone knows it)

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