Oct 25, 2011

Hout Couture

How cool are these wooden sunglasses! At Rocking the Daisies I saw a friend wearing the coolest pair of sunglasses made by Hout Couture (Hout means wood in Afrikaans). They are super affordable and they all come standard with polarized lenses. 

 All images are from Hout Couture

I asked Craig Cameron-Mackintosh, who is one of the people behind the brand some questions about Hout Couture...  
When did you start Hout Couture?:

Hout Couture was started at the beginning of 2011 as part of a UCT postgrad course in entrepreneurship. Since then the sunglasses have gone through a lot of development and the brand has taken off and shows huge potential beyond just a varsity project.
Are the sunglasses made locally?:
Yes, Hout Couture's factory is in Cape Town. We try to be as eco-friendly as possible but for the components that we can't source locally (such as the polarised lenses) we plant a tree to offset our carbon footprint
And are you planning on expanding your range to include any other products in the future?:
Yes, we are planning on adding new styles of sunglasses to our range to appeal to more tastes. We're also going to be launching other organic-material fashion pieces like wooden bangles, earrings, bamboo-fabric clothing and even wooden watches in the future!

Good luck to the team behind Hout Couture, its such a cool product!

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