Nov 18, 2011

Competition time!

Heather's Leathers and Love Lolla have both very generasly sponsored some of their lovely products for this giverway. One lucky person will win the following:
 A brooch and pair of earrings from Heather's Leathers

A Sewing Kit Jar from Love Lolla
 and a pair of earrings, necklace, camera brooch and magnets from me (Bow Peep)

How to enter:

1.Leave a comment on this blog post 
2.  'like' our facebook pages. (Heather, Lolla and Bow Peep)

Bonus points if you:
sign up for the Bow Peep mailing list.
If you are already signed up for the mailing list you get one automatic entry.

The competition closes on the 30 November.


  1. TO DO LIST:
    Heather's blog - followed via email, followed via Google Friend Connect and liked Facebook page
    Lolla's Blog - Followed via Google Friend Connect and like Facebook Page
    Bow Peep - Followed the blog with Google Friend Connect, Liked Facebook page, signed up for mailing list and tweeted about competition! @huibri

    Hope I didn't miss anything? I think I need a nap after all that following and liking...

  2. ok gosh I made you guys do way too much to enter, its been edited down. @Huibri I'm going to give you an extra entry for being cool and doing all of that! Sorry about that

  3. Wow!
    I Like Bow Peep, Heathers Leathers, Love Lolla
    Am already signed up for the mailing list

  4. Not a problem! :-) Keeping my fingers crossed. Keep up the good work!

  5. Oooh....I'd love to get my hands on these beautiful goodies!!!!!

  6. I have liked (aka *loved*) all your pages :)

  7. I love all your items, they're so beautiful and creative and I'd love to gift a few items of the prize (if I win) to my mom and mom-in-law, who love your goodies, too! :)

  8. liked your pages! my 3month old little girl looks awesome in your bow peep hair clips :) will send a pic

  9. Can't get enough of these products!! You guys and all your creativity somehow remind me that it isn't silly to have faith in my country!

    Keep it up! :o)

  10. What a scrumptious prize, I love all the bits and bobs and they all work so beautifully together. Happiness!

  11. What a great Christmas present for myself this would be.

  12. Oh my word I love bow also an proud owner of heather's brooch :)

  13. Love your buttons Bow Peep and of course Love Lolla's jar - that everyone wants! Heather's leather earrings are real cute.

  14. Done, done, done and done.

    I'm already on the mailing list lovely.

    OH and I wore my Mungo & Jemima dress yesterday. I felt amazing :)