Jan 1, 2012

Hello 2012

 image adapted from an image found on Relaxed
So I don't believe in New Years resolutions but I do think its probably a good idea to set some goals for the year and if I write them down I better do them!
My goals for 2012, well just the ones I want to share...
  • Try and employ someone even if its just a few days a moth, I need to start contributing to the economy.
  • Get tote bags made! I have been trying to get them made for ages and I keep putting it off.
  • Do my finances each month and don't leave it all to the end of the year.
  • Learn how to use photoshop properly.
  • Take better pictures.
  • Cook more.
  • Read more novels.
  • Take some classes (hopefully learn to work with mettle's so that I can make proper jewellery one day).
  • Start painting/drawing again.
 Image from: Grey Likes Weddings

Have a great year! 

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