Apr 30, 2013

Get Pickled

Last Friday I was invited to an event hosted by Peppadew South Africa at Dear Me. Now when I got the invitation it said that they where launching a range of products that didn't involve Piquante peppers, I expected some pickled onions on a cocktail stick. Wow was I wrong. We where treated to a four course lunch that incorporated new range of pickles.

It was really surprised to see how the pickles could be used so subtly in the various dishes. We where sent home with a goodie bag of the new flavors which have already been put to use in my kitchen. I found the hot jalapeno's a bit too hot for my taste but then again I did eat one out of the bottle and any jalapeno would be hot without eating it with something else.

This was the menu...it just kept going on and on...

 The picture above is of the pickled onion fish salad, now I'm not a fan of cooked fish, give me sushi any day and I will be happy but I really liked this. It might make me experiment more with fish.

Now that I have a kitchen stocked with pickles, I'm going to start looking for some recipes to use them in.

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