May 7, 2013

Long weekend in Joberg

I just got back from a long weekend in Joberg and Pretoria. My friend Lisa and I went for a friends wedding on Sunday and decided to go a few days before and have some fun in Joberg (and some work...Friday was a work day). On Friday I had breakfast at Wolves, I have been wanting to visit Wolves for ages. Its a really cool spot and the breakfast was great. My muesli came in a jar!

 Also finally got to try Paul's Homemade Ice Cream...delicious!

 Did some fabric shopping and visited Juta Street which is a very cool spot. 

 We went out for supper on Friday evening and laded up at a place called Great Dane, I loved how they had these cool lampshades outside.

 On Saturday morning I quickly popped into the Oriental Plaza and then spent the rest of the morning at the Neighbourgoods Market. Landed up bumping into loads of friends. Its pretty much the same as the Cape Town version but with better food and more places to sit. It was great to see my earrings at the Lo stall.

 We then drove to Pretoria and met up with school friends at a very cool bakery called the Lucky Bread co. in Brooklyn Mall.

 I did some more fabric shopping early on Sunday morning before the wedding.

Joberg is growing on me, I will definitely be back soon!

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