Sep 6, 2011

Cape Fridge Fragments

Found this via Poppytalk, they are fridge magnets made by Michael Chandler. The magnets are made from fragments of blue and white china found from around Cape Town. Visit his website for the story behind the magnets. I would love to know where he finds discarded porcelain in Cape Town, all that I find is plastic bags...

image from Poppytalk


  1. Firstly, thank you for the post. I'm glad that my interest for these things can be shared with others. And in terms of finding them, well... I've found them on old Cape Farms, in Streams on Table Mountain, Housing Developments/Construction Sites and Parking Lots that have been made from turned over earth. I even have a deal going with a car-guard to find them for me. He supplied me with the MOST fantastic large Willow Pattern examples recently. Mmm... Beauties!

  2. Its amazing what people throw out! I'm looking forward to seeing what else you find.